Don’t you just LOVE the rain?!?!

Our little creek certainly does – the water has been gushing down it for days now! It has NOT let up, not even a little bit. It’s either a general rage or a thunderous roar. To think, this time last year we were excited by a mere trickle… oh how things change (lol)!

This is how it looked this morning from our top deck when, just for the briefest moment, a ray of sunshine broke through! It has reached the point with the noise of the creek that Master Nine moves himself into the spare bed during the middle of the night in an attempt to escape the sound of the rushing water. (His bedroom is underneath this deck so he is rather close to the action you may say!)

Oddly though, I normally find wet weather the most conducive for working in the Studio but given it’s almost cyclonic conditions outside I find myself simply sitting, watching the weather unfold outside. However, I have managed a little bit of a fiddle. How’s this one for quick yet effective?!

It would appear the Style Beautiful stamp set is one of my new favourites, along with the Perfect Punches stamp set. These two work so wonderfully together, as do the Soft Suede and Crumb Cake. Simplicity, you gotta love it!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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