Forget going global… I’m becoming MAGNETIX!

Yes, as of tonight, my blood cells will become realigned and I’ll be back on track before you know it… well, that’s what the brochure tells me about the magnetic woollen underlay my Darling Hubby bought me for my birthday. He did ask last week was I open to suggestions in the  bedroom. This certainly wasn’t what I though he meant so this makes it a DOUBLE win for me!

Anyways, my blood cells might be realigning as I lie in bed typing this but it’s not recharging my laptop batteries so I’d best type MUCH faster to remind you there’s another countdown on. Yes, September 1st is fast approaching with the wonderful new Idea Book and Catalogue from Stampin’ Up! I had a sneak peak this morning and let me tell you… BOOK YOUR WORKSHOP FOR SEPTEMBER NOW… it’s going to be WELL WORTH IT!!

Last year when the new book came out I seem to recall seeing a two page list of retiring items but not this time, it’s EIGHT pages and some of those items have been discounted as well, BONUS! Of course, as these items are being retired, orders are on a first come first served basis and when stocks have been depleted, that’s it. To find out more about what’s retiring click on the picture below.

I know I will have to start going through my stash but that’s what tomorrow is for isn’t it. The more I think about it the more I’m tempted with the idea of a Fond Farewell bash… what do you think? Shall I count you in?


Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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