Go on… ask me why I was late collecting the children yesterday!

You know how we all receive those emails stating that perceptions of those living overseas of Australia are of kangaroos hopping down the main street? Well, it happened to me yesterday on our street. And of course it was one of the few times I DIDN’T have my phone with me to click off a couple of pics as proof!

There I was, the car just gathering speed to climb up the hill to meet the main road and voila, two lovely big grey kangaroos were sitting on the road, giving me the look that said, “do you mind, we were here first?” The best part was that there were no cars behind me so I could sit and watch in wonder as they simply sat in the middle of the road before eventually hopping up the hill.

I told the children on our way  home so we had a bit of an investigate to see where they possibly could have gone. I have seen them before hopping through the bush beside our house but once they cross the road it is a bit of a drop from the footpath down to the bush below which is probably why we don’t see them much in our “urban rain forest”.

Each day I give thanks for our little “urban rain forest” – there’s the obvious delight of having no immediate neighbours but more importantly we have so many different birds visiting, all having their particular “time slot” during the day. The morning begins with the Cat Bird – I’m sure there is another name but it tells you what sound this bird makes – these love the rising sun. Then along come the Parakeets, followed by the Whip Birds, then off and on during the day is the chorus of kookaburras having a chuckle, along with many others I have yet to learn their names. I love it!

But back to business, let’s bid a Fond Farewell to Colour #25 – Close to Cocoa. This was the first colour to run out when Stampin’ Up! announced it’s retirement. No surprise there as it is a beautiful rich colour without being overly dense hence the reason I didn’t do very much at all to this card. Dry Embossing and Layering… so simple, too easy!

Don’t forget to contact me before Tuesday August 31 if there is anything on the Last Chance List  you would like me to order… I can’t believe how quickly September 1 is coming around and the release of the beautiful new catalogue!

Joke of the week:

What does the sea say to the sand?
Not much, it mostly waves…

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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  1. That would have been so cool. I still enjoy the deer and other wild life I see along the road here as well. My kids just shake their head.

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