Halloween Wondrous Wreath

The Wondrous Wreath Stamp Set  (135047 – $31.95) on page 9 of the Holiday Catalog has had to be one of my most “go to” stamp sets for this season. Hence it was my first choice to use in a workshop a few weeks.

The hostess had requested we make a Christmas Card but I really wanted to highlight other occasions you could utilize these stamps.

JIF - Wreath - Halloween

Making this Halloween Card I was reminded how this bird’s appearance could be altered so quickly merely by the placement of its wing. If the wing tip is placed up it makes the bird look cute. Where as placing the tip down and moving the larger part of the wing up, gives the bird a more sinister, Halloween appearance don’t you think?

A quick reminder the last order I’ll be placing for the year to ensure deliveries before Christmas will be taking place this evening should you wanted to add an order. HOWEVER , 24 Hour shopping is still available from my website!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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