Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s taken me awhile, and I admit in Australia I wasn’t really a big fan given its commercialism hence it was a little hit and miss with me, whereas here in Canada I love how even the children share Valentine’s at school. This is what Miss Ten spent the long week-end making to take in today. How cute are these? The one with the rose is for the teacher!

HVD - Tic Tacs for Classmates

That Scalloped Tag Topper Punch REALLY made these Valentine’s gifts so VERY quick and easy knowing that all that was need was a two-inch strip at the desired length. Having the hole as such being punched at the same time as the scallop was definitely a bonus with the stamping done prior to wrapping obviously in Raspberry Ripple Classic Ink with a stamp from the Delightful Dozen Stamp Set!

HVD - Tic Tac Sleeves

What’s inside each of these little bags you wonder? Well, whilst I was going through Frankfurt duty-free last month, I came across miniature Tic Tacs and immediately thought of Valentine’s Day. Seriously, who doesn’t want minty fresh breath on Valentine’s Day, lol! šŸ™‚ I’ve placed a quarter beside them to give you an idea of just how tiny they are. I think from memory they hold only EIGHT tic tacs – cool huh?!

HVD - Size of Tic Tacs

So, Happy Valentine’s Day to you and hope you have a wonderful time however you choose to celebrate!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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