HELP! Has anyone seen my MOJO?

I’ve never really thought of myself as a delusional sort of person but this last week has left me wondering I must say…

Although I can say, with just the slightest risk of sounding like a total justifier (is there such a word), that the majority of events this week were really out of my control. Not that really changes anything at the end of the day but it does leave me with some sort of calmness that it wasn’t ALL my doing, it was just the cycle of the world.  (Why it had to whirlpool into my corner of the world though I just don’t understand!)

Basically, for some very odd reason I had deluded myself into thinking that once the children were back at school  (and let’s not forget Monday was a pupil-free day!) then I would have some quality ME time… what WAS I thinking! 🙂 I had a workshop on Wednesday so given the fact we’d just had two weeks of school holidays AND a birthday party, the studio was in a much needed cleanse. And once that was done then I needed to set-up for the workshop, including coming up with some exciting things to demonstrate.

I have to admit this was not a diffifult ask as my hostess was interested in the Big Shot hence everything I demonstrated I wanted to use one or another of the Big Shot’s Die Cuts. Oh the struggle… NOT!!! Here are two of the three items we made  on Wednesday.

The third item was a very cute little basket made from four of the Big Shot Scallop Envelopes but I gave this to my lovely hostess with chocolates in it as a thank you for her workshop.  If you would like me to demonstrate these at your next workshop please contact me and we’ll arrange a time suitable for you and your friends!

Come Thursday though it was back to the serious stuff as that afternoon was the funeral for a dear old friend of the family and Friday was a funeral for our dear, not nearly as oldfridge… not happy Jan. Shopping for a new fridge yesterday was NOT on my list of things to do for this week-end, or this DECADE for that matter, and whatever grand ideas I came up with as a alternative it still resulted in the same answer… I required a new fridge… dang it!

So cover your ears one and all as the salesman never asked if I  had stairs and I didn’t tell him… there are 28 internal stairs plus those up to the front door. Brace yourselves people as I certainly am!!!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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