It never rains when it pours…

It feels as if the weather is mirroring my life at the moment. Oh, and DON’T get me started on the fridge, what an ongoing saga… and as for my darling duo… just how many colds and coughs can two children possibly have in one year… glory be

My darling husband gave me two days in bed this past week-end as an early birthday present after all the drama with the fridge but as much I absolutely adored it (yes I read an ENTIRE book on Saturday – it was simply glorious) I have to admit now that its been all the more difficult for me to get motivated as I’m more behind then ever and just don’t know where to begin!

On saying that though I did vacuum and tidy all upstairs before breakfast this morning. I even cleaned the pot belly stove out of all its ashes this morning in readiness for the cold, miserable day that it was outside but after spending nearly five hours in the kitchen cooking, heating was NOT a problem upstairs. What can I say… I had a pumpkin and wasn’t afraid to use it… TWELVE meals later thank you very much!

Of course this meant my list of things that required my attention down in the studio weren’t even looked at and I’ve only just snuck down to the footpath in my pj’s with the rubbish bins but finally… here is the cute little Christmas basket I made at my last workshop. 

 I’ve now decided that this is going to be my gift for my children’s teachers this term albeit in plain card-stock that I’ll stamp. I’ve yet to decide just what I’ll put into the basket but that’s a minor detail!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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