It’s just NEVER easy is it?!

All my great plans for today down in the Studio completely went out the window at 7.30 this morning when Boy Child woke me reminding me I was taking he and his mates fishing at 8am. By the time I had them delivered to the river I had just enough time to change cars to take the mower in for a service, do a grocery shop, unpack the groceries, buy some BBQ chickens, collect the boys, drop all the boys off at each of their homes for a shower and change of clothes before collecting them once again to bring back to my place for lunch. Then they left.

At this point one would like to think I could then retreat downstairs but alas I then had to clean up from lunch, wash and dry up, think about dinner and of course Girl Child couldn’t possibly have what the rest of us had for lunch, oh no. So once her lunch was made and eaten we had to race down town for her optometry appointment then some more shopping.

Then I had some time in the Studio but my heart wasn’t it so all I managed was my first attempt at an envelope with the new Envelope Punch Board which I have to say, is rather marvelous. It is so VERY simple to use!

My first attempt at an envelope!Naturally I didn’t follow the sizing of the paper required as I didn’t want to use a “fresh” piece of DSP, consequently my envelope has a lot of additional score lines but I’ve attempted to make them part of the card. This is the information once again on the Envelope Punch Board.

Pushing the Envelope!

 Contact me today (250-632-7248) to orders yours or, as I said last time if you simply want a “try before you buy“, please call me and we’ll arrange a time suitable to us both for some quality Studio time.

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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