JULY – Best of Shelli!

Oh my, we’re almost half way through July and I’m only JUST getting this months “Best of 25 Years” stamp set to you. Let me say though, Best of Shelli, is well worth the wait!

July - Best of Shelli

And don’t forget once you’ve bought six of these sets, you can send your completed card in to redeem a free set of your choice for $17.95. You have until April 30 next year to redeem your set so no hurry. Then again, with how this year is now gathering speed, I’m not so sure 🙁

What some of my ladies are doing, and I’m sure they won’t mind me sharing since they are being so VERY clever, are putting themselves into groups of three and buying two sets each, all different sets of course, so between them they then get a free set to share but they still have all the sets to use!

What a brilliant idea so let me know if you and your friends would be also interested into doing something similar please let me know and we’ll begin ordering your sets for you as quickly as possible!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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