Long time between fiddlings…

My goodness has it really been so long since I’ve shared anything here?

First off I’d like to apologize for my abrupt disappearance. The week of my last posting was a week of extremes. We’d waited the longest time for a possible move to Canada for my husband’s work and that was the week we were finally advised he was needed NOW and our visas for us were being proceed.

Our excitement was short-lived however as the day after this advice we were informed of some other news, my Darling Father had cancer. And not just cancer, a rare aggressive inoperable form of bladder cancer that sadly took his life only four-and-a-half months after official diagnosis.

What a week, and we still had my Lovely Mother’s 80th birthday celebration which were so bitter-sweet. My father was to be admitted immediately to hospital but an infection saw the inevitable delayed two weeks so he was able to attend the lunch. It was a wonderful day as nearly all the family was there. It would also be the last time we’d all be together with our pending move to Canada. Yep, still brings tears to my eyes…

No sooner had we finished unpacking here in beautiful Kitimat – British Columbia, the children and I moving to Canada in April when my father appeared stable, joining my husband who’d flown ahead for work when the call came. We needed to be back in Australia immediately.

That was June 2011. The children and I didn’t return to Canada until late August where the children needed to begin school early September (I still can’t wrap my brain around a September to June school year) and, and, and… there was always a new challenge. It seems to be only now, two years since first arriving, that life seems to have settled and what’s more, I’ve found my Inkee Fiddlings!

Not that losing my mojo had stopped me from not only setting up a Studio, but stocking it also! As you can see it’s a very long room, long enough to sit two folding tables end to end. In fact there are four tables in there, one for each of us although Master Eleven would disagree. Like my hips, my creativity has a tendency to spread!

Inkee Fiddlings Studio

With my restocking what easier and better way to do it then by rejoining Stampin’ Up! last year. And with a new and improved Idea Book & Catalog soon to be released and a couple of workshops under my belt, I’ve rediscovered my love of creating so… Joanne’s Inkee Fiddlings is back!

Given it’s has been a long time between fiddlings I certainly won’t be offended if you no longer wish to receive these posts. Simply send an email to inkeefiddlings@gmail.com with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject header and your name shall be removed.

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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