My Inkee Fiddling Hide-Out… oops, Hang-Out!

I’ve been a tad flat this week, still getting over last week’s flu I suspect so apart from gifts I needed to make for a visit to my hubby’s family on the week-end, I really haven’t achieved much sooooo…. I thought I would finally share with you my beautiful studio!

This room is always a work in progress, it’s what I love about. Admittedly it somehow overtakes what I should be doing in here as I often find myself  “tweaking” the way I’ve set things up after I’ve been searching for something. This often leads to me not completing what I was actually doing then invariably setting up numerous other projects… thank goodness there’s always tomorrow!

At least I have everything on display now, not tucked away in boxes which then gives the illusion I have oodles and oodles of things (I admit to oodles – just not oodles and oodles!) but hey, it works!

Another thing I am able to display is this beautiful quilt my mother made for us when we were leaving for Canada. Ironically, that quilt was shipped off with the rest of our consignment to Canada, just not the children and I made it to Canada, not that I’m bitter… MUCH! (LOL)

On top of these shelves are samples for each of the classes I’m having during the current month, along with other Stampin’ Up! samples to give Inkee Fiddlers ideas and inspirations for their own work!

Below on the shelves themselves are just some of my scrapbooks. I was once told when I pushing myself to get all my scrapbooks up-to-date (I do one for each child each year plus a book for each major holiday we have) that these were “unnecessary projects” but I disagree vehemently!

The children have memories in these books that always remain alive for them and will remain alive for as long as we have those books. We can tell ourselves we’ll never forget a moment, it will remain vivid forever, but many times without a photo to jog our memory, those moments become a blur in our busy lives.

If you haven’t tried scrapbooking, I highly recommend it, there’s really no better keepsake. Give me a call if you’d like some help taking the first steps – I’d love to share this passion with you!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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One thought on “My Inkee Fiddling Hide-Out… oops, Hang-Out!

  1. Hi Joe,
    You have been busy busy, sounds and looks great!! Good on you!! Well done. Off to Perth , sounds good. Hope you have a nice time. Got back last week. Loved it all, had a great time. Saw and did some neat things. We need a catch up very soon! I am off to Gladstone tomorrow to see Paul nd look for for somewhere to live! Back Thursday to pack hmmmmmmmmmmm. Hope to leave about 30th June. We will see.

    Give me a call next week or in next couple of weeks and pencil in lunch or coffee.Would love to catch up.

    Take care

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