My Miss Milly…

Although I had quite GRAND plans for getting into my studio these school holidays it just hasn’t happened BUT… I can say that my house is the cleanest and tidiest it’s been since the day BEFORE we moved in.We have a couple of extra “small fry” for the next few nights so for whatever reason I felt in imperative that I dust, vacuum, wash, and scrub EVERYTHING!

As was pointed out to me by another this afternoon after advising them of my day, “you know… 8 and 10 year olds don’t really notice those kinds of things“…. I know, but I knew they were excited about coming over so felt it necessary to make an effort and besides, it made me feel good. And how good will I feel in the morning when I get up and now have only a stereo to re-home… (cleaning always involves some sort of moving for me unfortunately…)

But just because I haven’t been able to create, that hasn’t stopped my Darling Miss Milly… she might be only seven but she does like to get her daily dose of creating and this card highlights the way she’s producing her cards just at the moment… very balanced. Plus, she really should be commended on her use of Stampin’ Up! products without influence or prejudice!!!

I love how she’s placed the pink ribbon horizontally across the card then rolled it over then used double sided tape to keep the height. She saw this on a card of mine last week – whereas my ribbon had wire on the edges Miss Milly couldn’t find any so this was her solution. Gotta love the way she thinks! Now I wonder where she gets THAT from???

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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