Ta-dah, completed album – TICK!!!

Weeks of work have culminated in the completion of my 2013 Cruise Album. That hissing sound you can just hear is my sigh of relief at this, which became quite the epic album in the end!

2013 Cruise COMPLETED - yee hah!!!

When it came to that Final Page I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do but the photographs eluded me. Eventually I made the decision to keep this page VERY clean-cut and to the point. Maybe later I’ll add the corresponding photographs, maybe, maybe not!

2013 Cruise - Final page!

With only a few pages to go I was so worried that I’d essentially done the same design on every page but as I slowly go through each and every page now I haven’t. I’m still in awe at myself at just how many photographs I can add to a page!

Here’s wishing you a wonderful wet week-end – the perfect opportunity to do a little creating if you aren’t participating in the local Fishing Derby!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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3 thoughts on “Ta-dah, completed album – TICK!!!

  1. What a tremendous undertaking. Did you hear me horray! How come eating alligator is at the bottom of your list? Maybe the gator might eat you? Cross this off your list, please 🙂

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