Colored Rhinestones

If you asked me what I liked MOST about the new Blendabilities is the fact they can permanently color the Basic Rhinestone Jewels!

On the card below the Basic Rhinestone Jewels at both the top and bottom of the card were colored with the Cherry Cobbler Dark Blendability Pen. The color in real-life is far more intense than this scan is letting on. Note to self: NEVER EVER again scan a card!

Giggle Greetings - Bowl of Cherries Black White - JIF

This stamp is from the Giggle Greetings Stamp Set with that black and white background being a card from the… you guessed it… the Project Life Everyday Card Collection, lol!

This is a good example though how color changes an image. You may or may not remember I used this same image on Tuesday but with a different background, it looks almost like a completely different card.

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

Giggle Greetings!

There was no one sighing a greater sigh of relief than myself when I saw the Giggle Greetings Stamp Set had been carried over to the new Annual Catalog. It’s another fun set that I really hadn’t played with much… until now.

It would appear these new Blendabilities have opened a whole new world to me. Oh and that Moonlight DSP Stack has helped a bit also, tee hee! 🙂

This pussy-cat stamp would HAVE to be my favorite stamp of the set.

Giggle Greetings - Fur Ball - JIFThen again, this crazy dog is pretty cool also. It’s not apparent from this picture but the Decorative Dots Embossing was actually reversed so instead of the dots standing tall, I had them facing down to create indentations of sorts. Then in Early Espresso Classic Ink a stamp from the Gorgeous Grunge Stamp Set was stamped.

Giggle Greetings - Chasing your Tail - JIFCheck out this next fun birthday stamp from the set. The DSP naturally is from the Moonlight DSP Stack and under that there is the smallest layer of yellow swirls. This was a card from the Project Life Everyday Cards Collection which I have used as a layer to give the white on the DSP a definitive edge.

Giggle Greetings - Piece of Cheese - JIF

And last but by no means least, life’s bowl of cherries finished off nicely with a Cherry Cobbler Seam Ribbon bow!

Giggle Greetings - Bowl of Cherries Red Bow - JIF

If you don’t yet own this fun stamp set, please contact me soon to place your order – I’m just a phone call or email away, lol! 🙂

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x


Yes, I know I’m guilty of layering but for me I often want that little extra color to help make a card “pop”. Just the finest frame of a color can sometimes be all that’s need to take a card to that next level.

So when I found myself over-indulging in the Moonlight DSP Stack when it first arrived, I began layering cardstock instead. The same image can become almost a different one when presented in a different light.Here’s an example of layering with the shopping lady from the In This Together Stamp Set.

In This Together - Orange Bliss Shopping - JIF

Remember this card from a couple of days ago when I was a “smidge” fixated with the new Moonlight DSP Stack?

In This Together - Moonlight Shopping - JIF

By switching out the DSP for a plain background and another layer it becomes a different card. Go on, I dare you, layer it!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

In This Together

When needing to learn about the new Blendabilities from Stampin’ Up!, what better way to begin than with the new In This Together Stamp Set. What fun it is!

Of course it arrived with the new Moonlight DSP Stack and 2014-2016 In-Colors, neither of which I could let go of hence my first card. Isn’t she gorgeous? Can’t you just imagine using her for so many different cards?

In This Together - Moonlight Celebrations - JIFThen there is this stamp which my daughter LOVES as she TOTALLY gets it!

In This Together - Moonlight Shopping - JIF

I have to admit at this point I was asking myself if I wasn’t being a tad OVER-zealous with the Moonlight DSP Stack so challenged myself to make the next card without using it.

In This Together - Yellow Rain Clouds - JIF

I think the Decorative Dots Embossing Folder works well with the feel of rain-drops don’t you, particularly in the Hello Honey Cardstock!?

If you’d like to add this fun stamp set to your collection along with any other products you may need, please contact me today to place your order (250-632-7248).

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

Work of Art

Work of Art Stamp Set is one of those stamp sets that is going to be a lot of fun in the coming months!

Naturally though when it came to using it for the first time my mind when completely blank so what else is a girl meant to do but reach for her trusty Annual Catalog for something to CASE and this is what I found, lol! 🙂Work of Art - Fabulous - JIFThen, as I seem to be in a Monochromatic mood of late, I tried the same layout but in shades of pink. Have to say, this I REALLY liked! 🙂Work of Art - Hues of Pink - JIFThen, as I was still clutching my Moonlight DSP Stack and the 2014-2016 In-Colors in my hand (and I dare to wonder why my children become totally FIXATED with new belongings, lol), naturally this needed to be incorporated into a card. This was my end result. Not bright and colorful yet effective. Work of Art - Hello Honey - JIF

Now that I’ve FINALLY put the Moonlight DSP Stack onto the shelf, along with the 2014-2016 In-Colors, hopefully I can now shake off my fuzzy mind to begin creating some original cards. Stay tuned and fingers-crossed!

Oh, and FYI, if I begin referring to a color as HONEY MUSTARD, please know that I’m referring to the new In-Color of Hello Honey. For some reason that name isn’t sitting right with me so have unintentionally renamed it, oops!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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