Punch Drunk – what a hoot!

As a result of the children’s 2013 Scrapbook Albums, there were a LOT of punched circles that weren’t used. Being so many I was loath to trash them until I started sorting them into color families before bagging up, yes, that’s the kinda person I am, but inspiration came in the form of this card!

Punch Drunk - Rainbow Scraps - JIF

Should you want to add any of these to your stash whilst I’m away simply click on the SHOP NOW image below which will take you to my 24-hour shopping page. Keep in mind however that most of these DSP’s are VERY old.

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Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

It’s that time of the year again when I ask myself…

Oh WHY am I living on the SUNNY COAST???

We were so spoilt over the school holidays with overcast days almost EVERY day but alas, this week the clouds are only coming in at night leaving the skies bright and glaring all day. Which to the average person is simply delightful, but for me it’s a nightmare as all it does for me is bring on headaches and migraines. Not the best thing when you already know it’s less then 9 weeks to the Christmas school holidays… oh well, only another 230 days until winter. 🙁

I wonder how hard it would be to teach my body to work like that of a shift worker – to sleep during the day whilst the children are at school and the sun is at it’s brightest then come alive at night by the light of the silvery moon. The only down side would be Miss Seven would be with me every step of the way but hey, it’s food for thought!

So… given my slightly less then active day today I’ll show you two of the three Make and Takes we did at the Brisbane Regionals last month. Both these projects used the Every Moment stamp set. This is one of those sets that if it hadn’t been part of the registration package on the day I would NEVER had considered it but now that I have it, of course it’s a completely different matter! This is the first project…

Don’t you just love how the flowers come alive with the new Daffodil Delight Classic Ink and just the one small pearl jewel on each one? It’s so sweet with a smidge of Daffodil Delight Taffeta Ribbon tied onto a wide clip. The card-stock believe it or not is Soft Suede but you’d never guess it having taken the photo at night, sorry. The second project is slightly different…

How cute is this and how simple. It’s the Fancy Favour box both bottom and top – the top simply has the bottom flaps cut off and placed over the box on the bottom as a lid. How easy is that, yet how effective?!

And guess what? It’s only 80 days ’til Christmas!!!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x


After many a month of procrastination I’ve finally completed my birdhouse. Naturally, the end result is NOTHING like what I had in mind so Robin, if you thought the picture I showed you during the week was too busy then look away NOW as this one is WAY more busy. What can I say, I just couldn’t stop making flowers!

Once again, taking the photo at night has done my work no favours but  the flowers have all been made with the Raspberry Tart DSP. And yes, you can see the Big Shot’s Little Leaf of course, I just can’t stop myself from using it can I?!

But I have to say I’m rather chuffed at the birdhouse and it’s end result. I made my first 3D template this week – WOO-HOO – quite the milestone. Will there be any stopping me now? Oh, if only there were more hours in the day!!!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

I can’t get enough of the Sweet Treat Cups…

I really can’t! I’m obviously still learning, and of course, I seem to have at least a trillion ideas  right up until the moment I stand at my table, then… I go blank. Hence I’m still on rather basic designs but hey, we all gotta start somewhere! This was my first effort – I thought it was a cute way to use up some of my button supplies…

Then I was set the challenge of making a card for a boy and when inspiration was at a stand still… I reached for a Sweet Treat Cup. I like it but still feel it’s needs something else so I shall keep pondering that one. Given it’s taken almost a week to find the cards I made last Tuesday,don’t expect any changes too soon!

My next attempt is going to be a piggy bank – yes, a piggy bank! I was cruising the web the other night and came across this wonderful idea… now if I only I could find that page again I’d have something to show you…

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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