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I needed to look up my OWN class details for one reason or another and noticed that I hadn’t been doing any updating with picture of late. Not even a sneak peek which is a bit rude of me I must say so my apologies. So just quickly, here is this month’s Make and Take. Mark it on your calendar if you haven’t already, Make and Take Monday is the THIRD Monday of each month. Call me now if you’d to book as I do like to keep numbers to a maximum of just six.

Now, this first card bids a Fond Farewell to Colour #21 – Gable Green.

This photo does not do justice to this card at all as the card itself is Soft Suede– yep, hard to believe  but it is! The next card has two of my favourite colour – Old Olive and Elegant Eggplant PLUS bling – delightful.

Then for the third card, I used colours that were more masculine – Only Orange, Chocolate Chip and Night of Navy.

Joke of the Day:

Why did the cow jump over the moon?
Because the farmer had cold hands

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

The House was as Quiet as a Mouse…

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Well, it would have been if Pish Posh hadn’t been lapping the house for what seemed like hours and hours!

I couldn’t work out why she was zooming around the  house like a mad cat until this morning when she began it again. This time though I was in the bedroom  so could see where this cat was running too – she was running into the children’s bedrooms. Both children had sleep-overs at friend’s houses last night so obviously Pish Posh was missing them – what a little sweetheart she is!

I, on the other-hand, missed the children but did accompish a lot in their absence. Although I did have my doubts intially as to how much I was going to get completed as it was 10.30 before I arrived home yesterday morning after dropping the children at school then doing some errands and I still had to clean the house. JUST clean the house… HA… as if!

Yep… it was 6.30 before I finished getting the house into order last night and headed down to the Studio. It was my own fault of course for putting off a lot of those little chores “until tomorrow” combined with a week’s worth of washing and folding. I’ll say never again will I do this but I think we both know that as housework isn’t my strongest card… it WILL happen again!

Anyways, once in the Studio knowing I was free of interruptions I was able to play. I experimented with one basic design using three different colours. The first was with Really Rust – Fond Farewell #18. For the hearts I simply embossed the card-stock with the Perfect Polka Dot embossing folder then used the Full Heart – Extra Large punch. I used the large stamp from Baroque Motifs on the Really Rust background in Really Rust and used the Weathered background in Versamark on the Ivory overlay. Not that  you can see it in this picture no matter how much you squint your eyes.

The next card was a big surprise as I used the Bordering Blue – Fond Farewell Colour #19. This colour I’ve always regarded as more as a dirty blue so have had little interest in it… until today that is. Embossing the card-stock changed this colour completely, it became almost silver in appearance and once the card was constructed the colour as you can see is more like Almost Amethyst, very nice!

The colour in the next card has scanned as if it’s pink rather then it’s actual colour, Ruby Red – Fond Farewell to Colour #20. For this card as you can see I still used the six punched hearts in two groups of three and the scalloped oval with sentiment. Instead of using any layers though I simply stamped the background with En Francois in portrait instead the landscape format I had in the other two.

Same basic design – three very different outcomes don’t you think!

Joke of the Day:

What do you get when you cross a cow with a duck?
Milk and quackers!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

I’m a Pin Ball Wizard…

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Oh my gosh… what is it with this flu… just when I thought I was on the road to recovery I find I’m bouncing down the hallway like a ball in a pin ball game! The way it hit so suddenly was incredible. I was having afternoon tea when this wave of exhaustion rushed over me but that was okay, I put my pj’s on and went to bed for awhile. Nothing like a “Nana Nap” at 3.30 in the afternoon! I staggered up an hour later to cook dinner and honestly, felt quite good again after dinner.

So after cleaning up the kitchen I left Master Nine in charge of the television and lights upstairs whilst I went downstairs to blog. Well… so much for THAT heh? The moment I sat down I was spinning. I knew I had to finish an email I started the previous day but wow, it was hard work that email. In the end I just turned everything off and commenced the pin ball game up the stairs and to bed.

It was just so bizarre – once I was in bed I felt I should be keeping one foot on the floor as everything was spinning and moving. Even the sound of the television was too much for me. Needless to say it was a very early night for us all last night. Miss Seven who I finally had back in her own bed was so worried about me suggested she stay with me “just for support mummy“… love it! Wish I could say I woke up fine this morning but no, I’m still very hazy.

Not too hazy though to bid a Fond Farewell to Colour #17 – Ballet Blue. This is one of those colours you really wonder why it’s retiring. I do like the new Pacific Point which is currently an In-Colour but shall become a colour family member come September 1, but Ballet Blue just has something special.


I did so want this box to be like a Chinese take-away box, well similar to one of those we see on TV at least, but putting the sides on an angle just wasn’t working for the straight cut tags inside. In the end I chose a box shape but to add a little difference to it I made the sides like the Chinese take-away box. Then for something different on the outside I did the ribbon scrunching which I think worked well. Inside are 12 tags – two each of six designs. Here they are:




I apologise for the box appearing in with the tags but if I remove the box from the overall selection box it then doesn’t appear on it’s own so after an hour of fiddling I’m admitting defeat and going off to throw myself into a bowl of coco pops, did I say that…. no I mean, a salad sandwich!

Joke for the day:

What do you call a penguin in the desert?

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

Dang this flu season…

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Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I absolutely, unequivocally, ADORE winter but I have to say, this winter with the infections the children are bringing home from school, and we seem to average one a week, I’m almost over it… note I said almost!

My darling Master Nine after a week  of coughing still sounds as if he’s a three-pack-a-day boy but at least he looks okay, something I couldn’t say of him last week. At the same time my darling husband is battling much the same combined with wattle allergies, and I have what seems like a stomach flu that is gently waving in the wind – one day it’s here, the next it’s gone, then it’s back, then it’s not… oh to wake up and not feel as if a bus has hit me. It’s always the little things in life isn’t it that you truly appreciate?!

I headed straight down to the Studio as soon as I arrived home after dropping the children at school but wouldn’t you know it, the cats were suffering cabin fever (DON’T ASK…) and boy, were they letting me know! It doesn’t help that the local scrub turkey’s have taken to scratching in our front yard so the cats are beside themselves getting to the front window in the studio to be part of it all.

Which is normally comical but this morning Miss Poppy managed to knock over my cup of coffee. Hmmmmm… so if you thought it was an earthquake you felt them morning just after 9 o’clock it was in fact me. It was only half a cup but it seemed to go EVERYWHERE. I could NOT believe it. And that my friends, pretty much set the pace of the day!

However, I did get a couple of cards made today which is something and this one highlights a Fond Farewell to Colour #15 – Creamy Caramel. This is another card that actually started it life as an A6 but it just wasn’t right so today I extended it to an A5, added a few bits and bobs, and I have to say… I couldn’t be happier!


 Joke of the Day:

What do you get from an educated oyster?
Pearls of wisdom

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

Is it Spring already?

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We couldn’t believe it – in a matter of a week we’d heard of five different couples we knew of who had each been blessed with the birth of a son… and one little girl. It’s been so long since I have touched anything even resembling a baby’s card so talk about getting into a completely different mind space!

And of course, me being me, I couldn’t just go down to the Studio and whip something up… oh no… I had something very specific in mind and when it wouldn’t transpire to – well… let’s just say it slowed things up tremendously. It did however remind me that I had made a card a while back  in celebration of a friend’s first grandson that I never posted and now that I’m looking at it again I see I’ve used a retiring colour so without further ado here ’tis… a Fond Farewell to Colour #13 – Summer Sun!


Once again, this card is nothing what I had in mind as I wanted to peg the name onto the string and even had a little jumpsuit cut out for it (an influence from the new catalogue – not long now!)  but it just didn’t look right at all. The blue I’ve used is the Brilliant Blue which is also retiring. Everything on this card is Stampin’ Up! with the exception of the ribbon. I did try the narrow white ribbon from Stampin’ Up! but felt this one in the blue with a little yellow running through it worked much better.

The next card I did was for Harrison’s hairdresser who after four little girls now has his heir! For this card I used another retiring colour so here’s a Fond Farewell to Colour #14 – Only Orange.

I was really happy with this card as I was able to use a few things from my other stash which had me thinking out of the box. What I found amusing was that I’ve never been a great fan of orange but after making this card it really had my creative juices flowing. Consequently I now have depleted my Only Orange supplies. How funny is that?! 

Here is another card the orange inspired for a work colleague of my Darling Hubby’s who recently was blessed with his first son also. With the background on Samuel’s card I simply Versamarked it, whereas on Felix’s card on embossed it in orange.

Here are the other two cards I did – yet another boy’s card for Master Blake, then saving the prettiest for last, Miss Emily’s card. Welcome little people!

I just can’t resist the white picket fence on a baby card can I but I haven’t done it on the next one if you are a little over it! Emily’s card is VERY girlie… and NOTHING like I planned it! I know, I too wish there was a something I could take for that as it would save a LOT of pain let me tell you 😉

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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