I’m a Pin Ball Wizard…

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Oh my gosh… what is it with this flu… just when I thought I was on the road to recovery I find I’m bouncing down the hallway like a ball in a pin ball game! The way it hit so suddenly was incredible. I was having afternoon tea when this wave of exhaustion rushed over me but that was okay, I put my pj’s on and went to bed for awhile. Nothing like a “Nana Nap” at 3.30 in the afternoon! I staggered up an hour later to cook dinner and honestly, felt quite good again after dinner.

So after cleaning up the kitchen I left Master Nine in charge of the television and lights upstairs whilst I went downstairs to blog. Well… so much for THAT heh? The moment I sat down I was spinning. I knew I had to finish an email I started the previous day but wow, it was hard work that email. In the end I just turned everything off and commenced the pin ball game up the stairs and to bed.

It was just so bizarre – once I was in bed I felt I should be keeping one foot on the floor as everything was spinning and moving. Even the sound of the television was too much for me. Needless to say it was a very early night for us all last night. Miss Seven who I finally had back in her own bed was so worried about me suggested she stay with me “just for support mummy“… love it! Wish I could say I woke up fine this morning but no, I’m still very hazy.

Not too hazy though to bid a Fond Farewell to Colour #17 – Ballet Blue. This is one of those colours you really wonder why it’s retiring. I do like the new Pacific Point which is currently an In-Colour but shall become a colour family member come September 1, but Ballet Blue just has something special.


I did so want this box to be like a Chinese take-away box, well similar to one of those we see on TV at least, but putting the sides on an angle just wasn’t working for the straight cut tags inside. In the end I chose a box shape but to add a little difference to it I made the sides like the Chinese take-away box. Then for something different on the outside I did the ribbon scrunching which I think worked well. Inside are 12 tags – two each of six designs. Here they are:




I apologise for the box appearing in with the tags but if I remove the box from the overall selection box it then doesn’t appear on it’s own so after an hour of fiddling I’m admitting defeat and going off to throw myself into a bowl of coco pops, did I say that…. no I mean, a salad sandwich!

Joke for the day:

What do you call a penguin in the desert?

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

It’s the 11th so… it must be a Fond Farewell to Colour #11!

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Very short and sweet tonight… it’s taken me two hours just to get here why… I’m so tired that even with the laptop balancing on my knee I couldn’t remember what I’m meant to be doing!

And it doesn’t help when I have a very sad and sorry Master Nine down the hallway in bed coughing his little heart out, then on top of that he’s sleep-talking so loudly he’s waking himself up… not good:(  This combined with Miss Seven sleeping with me again with her hair-band being worn over her eyes as my bedside light keeps her awake but she knows better then to dare complain about it… one can’t help but to smile out loud!

Last night I went to sleep with the delightful sound of the rain falling heavily and our little creek gushing but alas, the reports said the weather was clearing today and for once, I fear they are correct. I do so like it when it rains. Not that I’ve had a real chance to appreciate it this week with Master Nine not being well. Although not sick sick, the poor darling isn’t himself and has been staying close so I’m hesitant about heading down to the studio.

However I digress, Fond Farewell to Colour #11 – Hunter Green. This is a beautiful rich dark green which to me screams Christmas. Hence the reason I’ve used it for the Christmas card below, embossing with silver on the card. With the pillow box I embossed with white to compare the two colours. Both are as quickly as nice but I do confess, I do lean towards the silver. I love the idea of these pillow boxes as name cards on a well-dressed table. What fun you could have filling them at Christmas!

And don’t forget, there’s only another 20 days left to order any of these retiring colours so contact me today to place your order – I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Joke of the Day:

Why did the sailor grab a bar of soap when his ship was sinking?
He was hoping he’d be washed ashore…

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

And so another term begins…

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And what better way to start the term then at McDonald’s for dinner on the first night back at school! Yes, what can I say but “Mother-of-the-Year” strikes again.

After such a wonderful week-end of Master Eight turning Nine, my parents joining us for a sleep-over to help celebrate such an auspicious occasion, and my husband surprising us with an additional night at home, well… what can I say? We just didn’t want the fun to end… and that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

I can’t believe Term 3 has finally commenced – it doesn’t seem that long ago that the holidays actually commenced. Not that very much was accomplished on my “to-do” list. As I was tidying up the studio today I realised I should have set myself the task of doing just one little job everyday instead of loads of big ones but what’s that saying… hindsight is a wonderful thing!

BUT… one thing I did manage to achieve was my “Live, Love, Life, Laugh” wall hangings… oh yea me!!! Here ’tis…

Of course, looking at them now I feel I could tweak them a tad more but I’m more then happy with how they are now and you know what… apart from the square canvas for each, all other products were Stampin’ Up!  (and you know what’s really sad, initially I was afraid I’d mess up each canvas so made up a cardstock square to fit over the top of each one so…). Yup, this girl is slowly gettin’ there!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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