November’s “Best Of” Stamp Set!

I promise, promise, PROMISE that come next week I’ll be creating once more but until then, here’s November’s Best Of… 25 Years Stamp Set.

November 25 Years Stamp Set

How cute is this Best of Snow stamp set? The hedgehog making a hedgehog snowman always puts a smile on my face no matter how tired I might be plus it’s a fabulous stamp to color. Wishing you all a creative week-end!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

October’s Stamp Set of the Month!

I have been waiting and hoping that October’s set would be this but did I think to check before I submitted an order on Monday, oh no. I love it, The Best of Christmas, but will have to submit another order now so let me know if you’d like one also. For just $17.95 I think it’s brilliant value!

October - Best of Christmas

I could kick myself for not checking before I submitted my order on Monday. I knew there was something else I wanted but with this flu virus surging inside me, what can I say, I’m just not thinking straight!

But hey, at least it means if you are interested in this set, or any stamp set for that matter, simply call me so I can include your order along with mine!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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