Three Pillows, Two Cats, and One Beautiful Daughter!

It’s not how big a bed is but what you can fit on it that really counts don’t you think?!

I sit here propped up with my three pillows whilst I try to type but I can’t help looking towards the bottom of the bed where our two cats have their front paws wrapped around each ensuring each other’s face is properly washed. It’s just so sweet.

Almost as sweet as my little miss who HAD to sleep beside me tonight as she needed her turn on the magnetic bed as her big brother had a go last night! I just laugh at their idea of this magnetic underlay as they were looking for things yesterday to “stick” on the bed. Trying to explain it was not that type of magnet was difficult. It has me wondering now just where are the magnets, hmmmmm

But back to the cards. July is known as “Christmas in July” and here are the three of the cards from the Stamp-a-Stack class. Once again I’ve scanned the first card, forgetting all about the fact that it’s now a white card on a white background so all you see is the Ballet Blue centre. It really does look so much more elegant then is shown here . The silver embossing is my favourite.

Embossing featured highly in this stamp-a-stack. I did wonder how doing embossed cards on-mass would work but when you see the end result, it’s worth it. The silver on the Hunter Green I found particularly stunning.

Then again, Riding Hood Red with the silver and white was also quite stunning. 

When all said and done you could say I was more then happy with the end result!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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