‘Tis the season… the school holiday season!

It never ceases to amaze how quickly school holidays whizz by. We start the holidays with a list of “must do” as long as a roll of toilet paper and before we’ve managed to even FIND the list, the holidays are over… good grief Charlie Brown!

Although I must admit these holidays we were much better prepared having  drawn up our own calendar /schedule for the two weeks. Not that we’ve bothered to even LOOK at this as we seemed to have been hit with one or two curves balls that have over-ridden most of our plans. And it’s only now that I’ve remembered we have movie tickets to be used… yes, good grief Charlie Brown!

Surprisingly though I’ve managed to spend some time down in the Studio. Minor detail… although I’ve cleared the tables and written up yet another “to do” list (what can I say, I LURVE my lists!) I’ve yet to complete any projects. Miss Seven on the other hand is pumping out the cards like no bodies business… I should be cranky but sadly my girl is giving me loads of great ideas – go Miss Milly!

Whilst I’m completing my current four square wall hanging, the one I’ve been “contemplating” for so long, I thought I may share with you my very first wall hanging. It wasn’t meant to be a wall hanging, it was in fact one of those accordion-fold displays but I’ve now blu-tacked it to the wall where I can see it more as I just love it so much!  (How’s that for humble pie!)

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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