What a day!

The forecast may have been for rain today, and we may have driven through clouds to get to school this morning but it was a grand day. Two good friends came over today and we spent the day tackling one of the big questions of life… how to design a card for a man?

Yes, it was a tough one, and yes, it did take more then just the one cup of tea, but I do believe we more then succeeded. Here is my effort…

I seem to have had that black measuring tape and the metal tool charms forever so it was wonderful to finally have the opportunity to put them to use. And good use at that now that I’m looking at it again (and yes Robin, I’ve just made you one also that’s how confident I’m feeling about it all of a sudden  – perhaps it all that Earl Grey I was drinking today just kicking in!).

I have so many of these quirky little embellishments that I have bought over the years, always with the best intentions, and always with a definite project in mind, but time has always kept me from using them but my new season resolution (one gets to make far more resolutions when you make them seasonally instead of yearly!) is to use one of these quirky embellishments every week. I’d love to say everyday but as I’ve so often found this year, life has a habit of getting in the way so if one a day happens then woo-hoo, should it only be once a week though, then I’ll be more then happy as I fear even that could be a stretch…

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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