What a difference a week makes…

Today we woke up to this…

The sunrise this morning was just so glorious I couldn’t resist taking a happy snap or two from our bedroom balcony. I could not get over the morning we were having today in comparison to last Tuesday morning.  Normally it takes a lot to rattle my cage but after seeing all that happened in the Toowoomba area the previous day then on seeing the amount of water thundering down our creekohmy... gosh! My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families in those areas, I cannot begin to even imagine what they must be going through.

The flooding in our great State have not gone unnoticed by Stampin’ Up! As you can see they also appreciate what Queensland is going through and are planning to donate funds to the State Emergency Service. For every stamp set over $30 that is bought up until February 15, $2 will go towards the SES as a way to thank these tireless workers for their continuing support. And don’t forget, Sale-abration kicks off on Monday so what better way to celebrate then by helping those helpers others.

As for last Tuesday, my poor husband, having dropped him off at the bus stop at 5am, driving home I really thought we were seeing the last of the rain as it seemed to be clearing… for the first kilometre that was. Talk about being in the eye of the storm as the heavens opened up after that and it was all I could do to stay on the road.

I think I rang him four times before he’d even arrived in Brisbane. Never had I expected to see so much water roar down our little creek. By 7am there was so much water coming down not only the creek, but also water was running  into it from the down our urban forest and the neighbours driveway. So much so that the water levels had reached the road and was going over it… yep, my cage was well and truly rattled on seeing that!

Eight hours later when I drove out to collect darling hubby from the train station at Landsborough water that was everywhere! (Murphy’s Law, there was no corresponding bus service back to the Uni where he normally catches the bus – a 15 minute round trip from our house… dang it!)  We were driving past roads already blocked by flood waters, and by the time we returned, water was crossing the roads on our route back in part. Not a nice feeling at all with young children in the car.

But our creek; early on I went out at one stage to pull our deck furniture closer to the walls as the wind at really pushed some of the chairs around the previous night so didn’t want to chance any going over the side and thought I’d be glad when the weather was clear again so the planes could resume coming into land via the ocean instead of over our house as they are so VERY loud. Sadly it took 15 minutes before I realised the noise wasn’t letting up. It wasn’t a plane, it was our creek!


Footnote:I had planned to show you some before and after photos but now, with just a touch of irony, because the sky went so dark so quickly yesterday afternoon with the pending storms, for the first time EVER I ensured my laptop was unplugged even though it has a surge protector on the cord and is plugged into a surge protector power pack, I still ensured it was unplugged and guess what… it’s now not working… hence this post has now been eight hours in the making!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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  1. Just had to have a chuckle and shake my head when I read the above. I will be interested to see photos as we had one huge waterfall coming down our hill.
    See you Tuesday at Marions.

    Do I really have to fill it all in!

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