Work of Art

Work of Art Stamp Set is one of those stamp sets that is going to be a lot of fun in the coming months!

Naturally though when it came to using it for the first time my mind when completely blank so what else is a girl meant to do but reach for her trusty Annual Catalog for something to CASE and this is what I found, lol! 🙂Work of Art - Fabulous - JIFThen, as I seem to be in a Monochromatic mood of late, I tried the same layout but in shades of pink. Have to say, this I REALLY liked! 🙂Work of Art - Hues of Pink - JIFThen, as I was still clutching my Moonlight DSP Stack and the 2014-2016 In-Colors in my hand (and I dare to wonder why my children become totally FIXATED with new belongings, lol), naturally this needed to be incorporated into a card. This was my end result. Not bright and colorful yet effective. Work of Art - Hello Honey - JIF

Now that I’ve FINALLY put the Moonlight DSP Stack onto the shelf, along with the 2014-2016 In-Colors, hopefully I can now shake off my fuzzy mind to begin creating some original cards. Stay tuned and fingers-crossed!

Oh, and FYI, if I begin referring to a color as HONEY MUSTARD, please know that I’m referring to the new In-Color of Hello Honey. For some reason that name isn’t sitting right with me so have unintentionally renamed it, oops!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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