Yes, the rumors are true…

Yes, the Big Shot is being retired with a new and improved machine to be taking it’s place. Unfortunately due to various setbacks, there will be no offer for a die-cutting and embossing machine in the 2019–2020 annual catalog.

However, new dies and embossing folders will be available in the 2019–2020 annual catalog. Since it’s a new supplier, the dies and folders will be manufactured differently; this means the way you use the new style of dies and folders will be a little different than how you used the old style. Both the new-style and old-style dies and embossing folders can work with any die-cutting and embossing machine. A comparison of the dies is below.

Another change required in this transition from the previous supplier is to the terminology used to refer to die-cutting and embossing products. While the primary reason behind these changes is to comply with trademarks, it’s a fabulous opportunity to simplify, making life even easier. 

All dies are now just “dies.” No longer is there a need to categorize them based on whether they’re open (coordinate with stamps), detailed, or designed to go along an edge. And embossing folders will all be called “embossing folders”, with there being two types: standard and 3D (3D being more detailed and intricate than standard). 

It will be interesting to see what machine is going to replace the Big Shot and I promise, as soon as I know, you will know. Stay tuned!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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