Another one of those days…

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I sometimes wonder if my expectations of how my week is going to be, or at least begin, are just too high as I seldom seem to begin the way I have planned. I really wanted to get down into the Studio today as, even with Father’s Day celebrations yesterday, I managed to spend a little time down in the Studio which really had my creative juices flowing hence I wanted to do more of the same today. Alas though, it just wasn’t to be.

Not to say it wasn’t a good day, how could it not be with my Darling Husband home, plus BOTH the house, car and ironing pile are all looking fabulous, and the hubster has returned to work with a freshly made fruit cake – so fresh out of the oven it was still warm when packed!

As I wasn’t able to complete what I so dearly wanted to show you tonight… Artistic Etchings is my new favourite… but only until my Elements of Style arrives I’m sure. In the interim I’ll show you an old favourtie, the Medallion background. These are the three cards from last month’s Technique class – two using the Medallion, the third using Baroque Motifs. The first card is using heat embossing (this card was influenced by one of the talented ladies over on NING – Juliette Ann Chapman).

This second card is embossing resist. First a background was chosen and stamped, then the Medallion was heat embossed in clear. Over this then a colour was sponged until the desired depth was acquired, the clear embossed image was given a quick wip over with a baby wipe and voila… this was the end result.

The third card was the Faux Metal Technique. This is where you become a Swedish Chef as the silver embossing powder is heated and melted in three layers, then following the third heating you quickly place your chosen stamp into the not-yet-set melted embossing powder. I did want the centre of the Medallion stamp for this card but it wasn’t working so changed to the Baroque Motifs and a stamp from this set. The flourish and the sentiment were both heat embossed.

Joke of the Day:

What did Mr and Mrs Chicken call their baby?

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

Getting closer every day…

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You just know what kind of day you’re going to have when you have 4 Tim Tam Crunches and a can of Coke for breakfast… there was nothing I could do it, I just HAD to have them.

In my defense though I shall say by 8am I had already done three loads of washing – of those dried and folded two, made 4 purses with 4 matching notelets for each, tidied the studio, found Master Nine’s missing school shirt; as well as the usual watering and feeding of the children and getting them to school almost on time complete with lunches.

School lunches just do my head in ’cause as soon as you think you have it all sorted… tastes change and nothing you put in those darn little bags is like anymore… aahhhhh!!! Although I am looking forward to tomorrow as it’s a sausage sizzle so there is half the pressure off me. Then for the rest of the week we have leftover pizza from Tight Wad Tuesday… a sliver of silver lining for me!

Anyways, before I get back into it let’s bid a Fond Farewell to Colour #27 – Lovely Lilac. This is another of those colours I would never have declared as a favourite but I did tend to use it a lot in layering as it goes so beautifully with the Elegant Eggplant. On saying that then I guess I’d best order some before it’s “off the shelves“.

 Just over 24 hours left of retiring products so please don’t delay if you’d like me to order anything – call me now!

Joke of the day:

What did the lion say when he saw two rabbits on a skateboard?
Meals on Wheels!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

The House was as Quiet as a Mouse…

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Well, it would have been if Pish Posh hadn’t been lapping the house for what seemed like hours and hours!

I couldn’t work out why she was zooming around the  house like a mad cat until this morning when she began it again. This time though I was in the bedroom  so could see where this cat was running too – she was running into the children’s bedrooms. Both children had sleep-overs at friend’s houses last night so obviously Pish Posh was missing them – what a little sweetheart she is!

I, on the other-hand, missed the children but did accompish a lot in their absence. Although I did have my doubts intially as to how much I was going to get completed as it was 10.30 before I arrived home yesterday morning after dropping the children at school then doing some errands and I still had to clean the house. JUST clean the house… HA… as if!

Yep… it was 6.30 before I finished getting the house into order last night and headed down to the Studio. It was my own fault of course for putting off a lot of those little chores “until tomorrow” combined with a week’s worth of washing and folding. I’ll say never again will I do this but I think we both know that as housework isn’t my strongest card… it WILL happen again!

Anyways, once in the Studio knowing I was free of interruptions I was able to play. I experimented with one basic design using three different colours. The first was with Really Rust – Fond Farewell #18. For the hearts I simply embossed the card-stock with the Perfect Polka Dot embossing folder then used the Full Heart – Extra Large punch. I used the large stamp from Baroque Motifs on the Really Rust background in Really Rust and used the Weathered background in Versamark on the Ivory overlay. Not that  you can see it in this picture no matter how much you squint your eyes.

The next card was a big surprise as I used the Bordering Blue – Fond Farewell Colour #19. This colour I’ve always regarded as more as a dirty blue so have had little interest in it… until today that is. Embossing the card-stock changed this colour completely, it became almost silver in appearance and once the card was constructed the colour as you can see is more like Almost Amethyst, very nice!

The colour in the next card has scanned as if it’s pink rather then it’s actual colour, Ruby Red – Fond Farewell to Colour #20. For this card as you can see I still used the six punched hearts in two groups of three and the scalloped oval with sentiment. Instead of using any layers though I simply stamped the background with En Francois in portrait instead the landscape format I had in the other two.

Same basic design – three very different outcomes don’t you think!

Joke of the Day:

What do you get when you cross a cow with a duck?
Milk and quackers!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

Is it Spring already?

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We couldn’t believe it – in a matter of a week we’d heard of five different couples we knew of who had each been blessed with the birth of a son… and one little girl. It’s been so long since I have touched anything even resembling a baby’s card so talk about getting into a completely different mind space!

And of course, me being me, I couldn’t just go down to the Studio and whip something up… oh no… I had something very specific in mind and when it wouldn’t transpire to – well… let’s just say it slowed things up tremendously. It did however remind me that I had made a card a while back  in celebration of a friend’s first grandson that I never posted and now that I’m looking at it again I see I’ve used a retiring colour so without further ado here ’tis… a Fond Farewell to Colour #13 – Summer Sun!


Once again, this card is nothing what I had in mind as I wanted to peg the name onto the string and even had a little jumpsuit cut out for it (an influence from the new catalogue – not long now!)  but it just didn’t look right at all. The blue I’ve used is the Brilliant Blue which is also retiring. Everything on this card is Stampin’ Up! with the exception of the ribbon. I did try the narrow white ribbon from Stampin’ Up! but felt this one in the blue with a little yellow running through it worked much better.

The next card I did was for Harrison’s hairdresser who after four little girls now has his heir! For this card I used another retiring colour so here’s a Fond Farewell to Colour #14 – Only Orange.

I was really happy with this card as I was able to use a few things from my other stash which had me thinking out of the box. What I found amusing was that I’ve never been a great fan of orange but after making this card it really had my creative juices flowing. Consequently I now have depleted my Only Orange supplies. How funny is that?! 

Here is another card the orange inspired for a work colleague of my Darling Hubby’s who recently was blessed with his first son also. With the background on Samuel’s card I simply Versamarked it, whereas on Felix’s card on embossed it in orange.

Here are the other two cards I did – yet another boy’s card for Master Blake, then saving the prettiest for last, Miss Emily’s card. Welcome little people!

I just can’t resist the white picket fence on a baby card can I but I haven’t done it on the next one if you are a little over it! Emily’s card is VERY girlie… and NOTHING like I planned it! I know, I too wish there was a something I could take for that as it would save a LOT of pain let me tell you 😉

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

Retiring colours – 30 colours in 30 days…

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Now that it’s five days into August I now get the wonderful idea of highlighting each of the 30 colours that are retiring during the month of August. One colour for each day of August. And YES, I do know there are 31 days in August but I really thought the last day we could simply reminisce about those colours we’d seen and those we’d love. So… let’s bring on the encore” performances.

But before I do, I meant to tell you yesterday that whilst I was having my sneak peek at the new Stampin’ Up! catalogue, I noticed that although most of the prices have stayed the same, there was one exception in particular – CARDSTOCK!

At the moment a packet of 24 sheets of cardstock is $10.50, this will become $13.95 – that’s a price rise of $3.45. Which is still great value given the quality of Stampin’ Up! cardstock and with all the other products in the colour families remaining the same, it’s not so bad. And hey, the stamps sets are the same price – honestly I hadn’t expected that so I’m relieved!

So, if there were any cardstock you were thinking of getting that you can purchase now rather then waiting for the new catalogue it might be worthwhile doing it now. I was having a ponder on my way for school pick-up and realised if you waited until after September 1st to purchase the same colours you can buy now,  you’d could lose by the price of an entire packet.

 How? Well, if you buy four packets of cardstock in September at $13.95 that’s a total of $55.80 whereas today it is $42 – five packets would cost $52.50 – that’s an extra packet of cardstock and if your budget is like mine… EVERY CENT COUNTS! And don’t forget, you can always go halves, thirds or even quarters with friends so ensure you get more for your money… it all helps let me tell you. Hey, I did it just last month with a hostess so it does work!

Now for the encore performance…


… from left to right…
Pink Passion / Apricot Appeal / Sage Shadow / Yo Yo Yellow / Almost Amethyst

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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