It’s said the third times a charm…

I hope they had garage sales in mind as I’m having my third and final one this Saturday morning and this time, it’s going to have to be fast and fabulous as we have my mother’s 80th birthday lunch at 11.30… how’s that for cutting things fine!

I know, I know… what could I possibly have left but trust me, looking at my garage right now, it’s overflowing so obviously I’ve been “layering” my shelves well since moving in. Even with my craft gear, I have taken at least four boxes down already yet still have three boxes more to find space for!

I’ve just spent the last three days going through the studio minutely. Enough was enough, I realised over the week-end as I sat staring at the shelves on my desk, that I had boxes of gear that I never even look at so it’s going. Among the things I can think of right now (sorry, these 5am starts are catching up on me as I can’t get back to sleep after driving hubby to the bus station… bet you next week I’ll have no trouble when there’s school to get to!) embossing powders, 12×12 patterned paper, 12×12 cardstock, A4 cardstock, there’s my long reach Crop-o-dile that I thought I couldn’t live without yet two years later the only real workout it’s had is when I’ve lent it out. Oh, and I think there’s a button or two I might be selling…

I’ve also come to the realisation that I’m really NOT going to be doing any more patchwork so  am selling all my large plastic templates and other related bits and pieces. Even the Horn sewing cabinet is going as all I do is keep it covered with stuff which makes using the actual machine a nuicance so I don’t sew, which kinda defeats the purpose.

So if you know anyone at a loose end this Saturday morning – we officially open at 6am and shall be closing right on 11am – send them my way as they just may find a bargain or two. There’s plenty of toys, books, clothes – adult, child and toddlers, camping gear, tooks, appliances, fishing gear, furniture, and, and, and!

Well, I can hear the storm getting closer so I’d best sign off. My laptop is at the computer doctors just at present, the reason I”m not showing you any pictures. For some reason, my husband doesn’t feel it necessary to have a photo editing program on his laptop… I think this needs working on!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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