Only 363 more sleeps…

until my next birthday… sorry, couldn’t resist! What a fabulous birthday it was… went off to lunch at 10.30 yesterday morning and returned home at 6.30 last night… who could ask for more!

Anyways, it was back to business today but you gotta love it when Miss Seven even sleeps with you to ensure both she and I got to an early start down in the studio this morning. The first words out of her mouth after she sat bolt upright in bed this morning were “quick mum, we need to be creative!” What mother could ask for more? Not I that’s for sure!

Master Nine had a birthday party at midday today and of course at nine o’clock this morning I still had no card for the birthday boy. Fortunately for me it was an overcast day hence inspiration came quickly. Yes, I seem to be of a rare breed that works best in overcast and wet conditions. Once the sun comes out I’m cactus, not because I’d rather be out, I just find the glare offensive and the heat… well, just don’t get me started!

Master Nine was most impressed with the finished product, as was I today. I have this thing for circles at present. I’m going to blame it on the Big Shot… the circle die cut, the scallop die cut. I’ll admit it, I’m more then a tad addicted to my Big Shot… take my children but don’t touch my Big Shot… only joking… or am I?!


Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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