Scrapbooking Process…

Everyone it seems scrapbooks in their own unique way.

The way “I” scrapbook seems so straight-forward and logical but eyes have rolled when my “lists” have been seen. Seriously, am I the ONLY person in the scrapbooking world who makes a list when making up a scrapbook, particularly a Vacation Scrapbook? I don’t think so!

Initially the MAIN pages are listed and, as is the case now with doing scrapbooks years after the vacation happened, OTHER pages are then slotted in as my memory is prompted. This is what a list of mine looks like.

North American Cruise Album List

Yep, that’s a white-board – oh how I love a good white-board!

The arrows pointing to the right are in-fact pointing to my “Canada” albums that require commencing. The “plan“, I NOW remember, was to basically do two of each page I created – one for the Canadian Album and one for the United States Album. It didn’t happen. Oops!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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