I must have a fever…

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as I’m in a complete eating frenzy at the moment and isn’t the saying “feed a fever“, so that’s what I must have… mustn’t I? And that’s MY story and I’m sticking to it (lol)! ūüôā

I’m getting the feeling that I’m looking forward to these school holidays more then the children are. I can’t wait to NOT have to get out of bed and to NOT have to get out of my comfy flannies (although given the way the temperature appears to be rising each day I’m sure how much longer I’ll be able to tolerate my flannies…). I doubt if Miss Seven and Master Nine have such limited aspirations for these holidays but one can dream!

Once again I fell asleep on the keyboard last night before I could resize these pics for you of my “Cup a Soup Card” and post them. If I was being paid for each time I fell asleep on the keyboard of late I’d be quite the reach little lady… if only!

Anyways… this card came together for me after one or two of my friends returned from holidays quite sick with the flu. I wanted to send a card but knowing how ill they were it needed to be a little something more. As I was thinking out loud one of the children asked me why are you meant to eat soup when you’re sick? Good question, why? but it did get me thinking about soups and along came this card.

Nowstick with me on this one as there are three pics of this one card… this is the front of the card with the Greenhouse Gala DSP (no surprises there!).

Then inside I made little pockets on either side – placing the cup a soup on one side and a tag for writing on the other (I’ve taken the tag out in this photo for a reason that I can’t remember now).

This is the tag using the Morning Cup stamp set which I just adore. I particularly love how the set comes complete with even a stamp for the steam!

Joke of the day:

A potato wanted to become a newsreader but it didn’t work out.
She was just a common tater!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

Is it Spring already?

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We couldn’t believe it – in a matter of a week we’d heard of five different couples we knew of who had each been blessed with the birth of a son… and one little girl. It’s been so long since I have touched anything even resembling a baby’s card so talk about getting into a completely different mind space!

And of course, me being me, I couldn’t just go down to the Studio and whip something up… oh no… I had something very specific in mind and when it wouldn’t transpire to¬†– well… let’s just say it slowed things up tremendously. It did however remind me that I had made a card¬†a while back ¬†in celebration of a friend’s first grandson that I never posted and now that I’m looking at it again I see I’ve used a retiring colour so without further ado here ’tis… a¬†Fond Farewell to Colour #13 – Summer Sun!


Once again, this card is nothing what I had in mind as I wanted to peg the name onto the string and even had a little jumpsuit cut out for it (an influence from the new catalogue – not long now!) ¬†but it just didn’t look right at all. The blue I’ve used is the Brilliant Blue which is also retiring. Everything on this card is Stampin’ Up! with the exception of the ribbon. I did¬†try the narrow white ribbon from Stampin’ Up! but felt this one in the blue with a little yellow running through it worked much better.

The next card I did was for Harrison’s hairdresser who after four little girls now has his heir! For¬†this card I used another retiring colour so here’s a Fond Farewell to Colour #14 – Only Orange.

I was really happy with this card as I was able to use a few things from my other stash which had me thinking out of the box. What I found amusing was that I’ve never been a great fan of orange but after making this card it really had my creative juices flowing. Consequently I now have depleted my Only Orange supplies. How funny is that?!¬†

Here is another card the orange inspired for a work colleague of my Darling Hubby’s who recently was blessed with his first son also.¬†With the background on Samuel’s card I simply Versamarked it, whereas on Felix’s card on embossed it in orange.

Here are the other two cards I did – yet another boy’s card for Master Blake,¬†then saving the prettiest for last, Miss Emily’s card. Welcome little people!

I just can’t resist the white picket fence on a baby card can I but I haven’t done it on the next one if you are a little over it! Emily’s card is VERY girlie… and NOTHING like I planned it! I know, I too wish there was a something I could take for that as it would save a LOT of pain let me tell you ūüėČ

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

End of semester already?!

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Well… we ended this term the same way we started… SICK!

I couldn’t believe it as I had quite a few things on my list that required ticking off this week as I wanted to be “all clear” for the school holidays, heck I even had¬† a lunch planned for today, but with the kidlets home since Wednesday not much has happened but the icing on the cake was waking up this morning and feeling as if the entire FLEET of buses had hit me. No No No… I have all my fingers and toes crossed that next term is ours!

Fortunately I had moved the TV into the lounge room yesterday. Yes, I know this is where most people keep their TVs but I have this aversion to a TV being the pivotal part of a lounge room. And yes,¬† I KNOW most of us spend more time watching TV there then anything else in there but I just don’t like it. However… with everything that was happening yesterday I didn’t want to miss a moment of it so out it came and we all agreed it should stay.

Anyways, it did make for a comfy day today as I set myself up in the corner of the lounge, complete with¬† my blanket, coffee pot and remote. Of course I couldn’t just sit could I and brought up my box of ribbons to start putting them all on separate cards and hang them in their colour families.

This is my days work… JUST the pink ribbons. Only the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, cream, silver, gold to go… it’ll take no time will it? I love how they are coming together and all it’s taken are two punches¬† (the TAG punch and the HORIZONTAL punch) and my CROP-A-DILE. Too easy but effective don’t you think. These¬† tags have been punched from acetate but next time I’ll simply do card-stock.

I guess at this rate I’ll show you the rest in a few weeks time!!!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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