Stamp Club

Or as I would prefer to say… Inkee Fiddlers!

All it takes is you and at least four as equally keen friends wanting to acquire more on your wish list on a regular basis, then together you can all get more for your money by becoming part of my stamp club, the Inkee Fiddlers!

When a group of five commit to spending a minimum of $40 every month (5 @ $40 = $200), or every other month if your budget prefers, this will in-turn earn your Inkee Fiddlers $20+ towards something extra on that month’s order!

Simply take turns each order as to who receives the hostess thank you gifts, perhaps make it alphabetically according to your names, and remember, if it’s your turn to be “hostess“, take the opportunity to possibly order a few more items from your Wish List thus gaining you more in hostess dollars, that is… MORE FREEBIES… just a thoughtie!

We can meet at my house or I could come to you – whatever is more convenient. We’ll also take this opportunity to make something, this can be perhaps with a stamp set that the “hostess” has ordered or would like to order – your choice.

All I ask is that once you’ve made this commitment you complete these orders within an Annual Catalog year, or until each of you have had a turn at playing hostess, too easy.

Groups don’t have to be limited to five – all you need is a group committed to reaching the minimum $200 spend to obtain the hostess dollars. This could be as little as $20 with a group of 10, or as high as $50 amongst four – you decide!

Contact me today with your group’s details, or if you like your name can be added to a list of like-minded souls with an Inkee Fiddlers group created this way. Call me on 250-639-4411 or email me at

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