Scrapbooking – my love/hate relationship!

Scrapbooking for me is MY prompter of what has happened in our lives. Be it a holiday or simply the everyday things, for me its a physical memory of what has occurred.

My problem is I want to remember everything and sometimes I think because of this I often think I’m remembering only a little as I’m on memory-overload. Instant recall isn’t my strong suit but with my scrapbooks it’s there instantly. Well, once it’s completed at least, and therein lies my problem.

Last week-end I finally began sifting through one of my MANY bags of keepsakes to begin the arduous task of scrapbooking our 2012 cruise. Unfortunately for me my process is that everything MUST be completed in chronological order and I mean MUST BE. I do so envy those who can scrap what they want when they like. For me, this is not, and will NEVER be the case.

Hence it took an entire week to complete just the front page alone as I wanted to work on other parts of the cruise but no, I HAD to begin at the beginning. Aaahhh… it is SO frustrating but once this was completed my process is now slowly beginning to gain momentum. SLOWLY. Here is my page… 2012 Cruise - Front Page - JIFAnd yes, I have scanned and printed off in minute-form our tickets from the flights over there but no, I didn’t copy our passports. Admittedly I have done so in the past but thankfully Stampin’ Up! have this issued solved now with their Traveler Stamp Set!

So, one front page down, FIFTEEN double pages to go. No guessing what I’m doing this summer, lol 🙂 , but first I need pack for my anniversary week-end away before I resume the torment that is SCRAPBOOKING. Yea me!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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2 thoughts on “Scrapbooking – my love/hate relationship!

  1. Joanne, as long as you are having fun putting all the memories on a scrap book that makes it worthwhile. Front page looks good.

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