Silver Snowflakes (MFT Card Challenge 348)

Yesterday I was in desperate need of a change. In the last week I have created a dozen two-page scrapbook pages. I’m almost half-way through this album with still a second album to do. What can I say, Spring Break 2013 was very good!

For a change of direction yesterday I worked with the My Favorite Things Card Challenge #348. My card is not quite what I envisioned and feel it is still lacking something but right now that something eludes me.

This is the sketch given by My Favourite Things for the challenge. As you can see, I certainly didn’t stray far from the design at all.

As for now, it’s time to get back into the school routine with two teenagers who really don’t want to return to high school today. Wish me luck!


Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

Welcome Home Jessica!

Well, it took Jessica Watson returning home today to get me out of bed… where I’ve been  for the past three days feeling very sorry for myself with the flu. It hurt to breathe, it hurt to swallow, it hurt to move. All I can say is that I’m lucky I’m living on the Sunshine Coast not Melbourne or I would have been VERY worried!

When Jessica first sailed into Sydney Harbour we were all so impressed with this young woman that I promised the children we’d definitely be down at Mooloolaba Wharf to welcome her home. Sadly, as the date drew closer and my cough became louder,  it just wasn’t going to happen.

Not that we were deterred… Boy Child loaded the dining room table with board games, Girl Child grabbed the drinks, and we then alternated between Monopoly, the deck, and the kitchen bench (where hubby’s telescope is set up) until we saw Ella sail past us… albeit VERY close to the coast line so we couldn’t get any pics but hey, we know we saw her and we were chuffed!

Anywho… it did get me out of bed for a few hours… just enough time to not only see Jessica, but to also rehang the four roman blinds in our rumpus room that had come down at Girl Child’s birthday party, fold a load of washing and do two more loads of washing, tidy the rumpus room, and finally make the bed in the spare room which hasn’t been made since I won’t say when… all before the room started spinning and I returned to bed… what a surprise!

Which leads me to this card. I was checking to see if per chance I had already downloaded a particular  pic I was after, I hadn’t but I did came across this wedding card I made over 18 months ago for a gent both my husband and I worked with when we first met. It was one of those cards that sat for many months on my desk and simply grew (we were given a BIG head’s up on this wedding as it was overseas) .

The wicker basket was the first element I knew I was going to use. It came from a little souvenir shop outside Sorrento on our last trip there. The basket began it’s life as a fridge magnet but I knew when I saw it, it was destined for more. So when we received our wedding invitation this seemed the perfect moment. From there there this card grew to this!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to one and all! I find as my children become older, the emphasis on things changes… for example Mother’s Day. All week there have been mutterings behind cupped hands as to what was being made at school and where things were being hid once home. It was all quiet exciting really!

Gosh, it was only last year my son couldn’t get into the kitchen fast enough to come up with the most wonderful mother’s day breakfast a mother and lover of the BIG BREAKFAST could ever dream of. This year, even though as soon as his eyes were open he was singing me Happy Mother’s Day and telling me that the cat was purring the same (how sweet is that?!), that was that. The things hidden in his room, well, I’ve yet to see them, and as for breakfast… “muuuuum, what are we having for breakfast?”

But hey, I’m onto my second pot of coffee, am still in my pj’s, and have George on the TV screen so I’m not complaining. I even dreamt about George last night… only I could dream about George Clooney giving me aperture lessons for my camera… geez! Plus, we’re meeting my parents shortly for a lovely lunch up at Harry’s so it’s all good.

Besides, the hubster did give  me two gift vouchers last week-end from the children to ensure I received EXACTLY what I wanted so tomorrow I shall go shopping to see just what it is that my life is incomplete without. And he did ever so kindly give me a set of alphabet dies for my BIG SHOT which I am soooooooo excited about and have barely been able to wait to use them. Tomorrow is going to be one busy day!

I see time is ticking so I’d best get showered and changed but before I go here is what I’ve done for my mother this year. This is the card which I am EVER so proud of. As I’ve said before, embellishments are my weakness so has been something I’ve really had to challenge myself with since joining Stampin’ Up! but as you can see, I think I’m doin’ okay. I’m simply making my embellishments now rather then reaching for a packet which may seem expensive but when you see how may embellishments I’ve bought over time and NOT used, I think the new way is working out far more economical as I make what I need when I need it! So here ’tis, this one is A5 but I did one recently for a neighbour in A6 which was just as effective…

Now, as for the packaging all I did was “tweak” a brown paper bag I had on hand. Once again, I’m rather chuffed at my first effort. In hindsight I would have lowered the DSP I used but hey, it was my first time. And in hindsight if I’d matched the papers to the card it may have been even more of an impact… next time!

Once again Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

The things you find…

when you are looking for something else! I came across these when I was looking for the Hodgepodge Hardware set that I bought back in January during the Inventory Sale then promptly put in a “safe” place when Miss Six decided she was going to create.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for her creating but on this occasion I wanted time to go through the tin myself to see what was what before things were scattered near and far. As things go, four months down the track and I am no closer to finding that tin so I guess it would have better for her to create, using even half the box because as it stands, I don’t have anything now… dang it!!

But I’ve digressed, here are some of the Keepsake Kardz I’ve made over the years for my darling husband. Yes, he claimed to have them all in a safe place where he could go through them whenever he needed to be reminded of home… what a shame he hadn’t put them where I put the Hodgepodge Hardware as I would never had found them!


May your Sunday be as relaxed as ours has become – after a VERY close encounter with a fish hook and an eye with Master Eight we are now taking things easy. Well hubby and I are as our dear boy was literally millimetres away from disaster, our hearts were pounding out of our chests until we knew all was okay. Thank goodness for the angel on his shoulder keeping him safe – thank you Grandma Beryl!

Oh, and have yourself an... Inkee Fiddling Day!

Joanne x

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